LES NORTON is Richard Pike's 2nd score, a comedy/drama for ABC TV. 10 episodes aired from 4 August 2019. It is adapted from the 1980 fiction books written by Australian author Robert G. Barrett and stars Alexander Bertrand as the protagonist, Les Norton.

Set in 1985 it follows the exploits of Les Norton, a country bloke from outback Queensland, on the run from a troubled past. He arrives in Sydney, where he lands a job as a bouncer at an illegal casino, run by crime boss Price Galese (David Wenham). While desperate to return home, he is seduced by the city's illicit charms and is dragged into the web of crime. Richard was asked to avoid synths for the show, and went for a 1980s post-punk band set-up as the starting point. It heavily features drums,

big electric bass, scratchy guitars and the odd sax moment.