As a sound artist Richard Pike has worked on installations for Nike, Hyundai, Linked In, Cartier and recently Jo Malone, most notably with London innovators United Visual Artists and Mel O'Callaghan.

Limen, London 2019

United Visual Artists

'Limen' is a site-specific installation that explores the subjective connections between sound and colour vibrations, visualised by a tangible medium.


It included use of 16 audio speakers placed under the pools to create vibrations, where light and sound were sequenced to create the work. 

Commissioned by Jo Malone perfumes, the event also included 4 separate 'scent rooms' each with musical loops reflecting the individual scents, coalescing to make a harmonious sound-piece when heard in the main room. 

Sound design by Richard Pike.


Cartier Magicien, Tokyo, 2016.

For Another Space.

Another Space created the experiential, spatial and installation design for the launch of Cartier 'Magicien', the brand’s 2016 collection. The exhibition took over the Tokyo National Museum.

Light plays a key role in the design concept whilst the challenge lay in creating a contemporary yet subtle concept experience. Three key ‘expressions’ shaped the experience of entering the museum, the exhibition and negotiation rooms.

Sound design by Richard Pike. The pieces involved became the basis of the 2018 Deep Learning album 'Soft Confidence'. 

Principles Of Motion, Seoul, 2014

United Visual Artists

With 'Principles of Motion', UVA created series of kinetic sculptures accompanied by an abstracted shifting cinematic landscape. It was commissioned by Hyundai and shown by UVA in April 2014 at the Hyundai Motor Studio gallery in Seoul, South Korea.

Sound design by Richard Pike.

Dangerous on-the-way, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2017

Mel O'Callaghan 


For her solo show at Palais de Tokyo, Mel O’Callaghan went to North East Borneo to attend a tradition: the harvesting of birds’ nests, a particularly dangerous ritual, performed twice a year by the Orang Sungai people, at a height of over 120 meters – in the “white caves” of Gomantong.


Dangerous on-the-way focuses on the "ekstasis" this ritual induces, the mental state described as being “outside oneself”.

2 channel high definition colour video 32:9, sound
31 mins 56 secs

Sound design by Richard Pike.