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Richard Pike & Joe Quirke - 1 (2024)

Richard Pike and Joe Quirke have been collaborating for many years. Two-thirds of jazz-tinted new age trio Forgiveness and partners that curate UK’s Salmon Universe Records, they are constantly sharing ideas, links, memes and share a conceptual crossover space.


‘1’, is their first official duo recording. It explores the relationship between texture, frequency and impermanence in a singular way, a fleeting stream of sound materials that float in and out, that within seconds can appear present and even demanding of attention, yet fall away to some corner at the back of the room. There is a constant feeling of connection and disconnection, an ephemeral playfulness.


This is music that aims to be carefully sound-designed, infinite in detail but also transitory. A kind of deconstructed-dub ecology all their own. A colour-printed sheet in half-tones, a pattern made by cracks in a wall, or a visible trace of an earlier painting beneath. Echoes of echoes, sounds shared, resampled and repurposed to take on new meaning.

RAY signal-2024-02-28-163206_036.jpeg
RP & JQ - 1 - dsc04484-enhanced-nr 2.JPG
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